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Our 2024 Symposium has been Scheduled

Mark your calendar.  Our 2024 Symposium is set for Friday, November 1st, and Saturday, November 2nd, in Apopka, Florida

Planning is now underway for this years Symposium.  Block time to attend in November.  As details are we will provide updates via, the journal ‘Phalaenopsis’ and both our Members only, and Public FB pages.

You may also register an intent to attend and receive email updates in real time.  

Phalaenopsis pulcherrima (Champornensis)
‘Sasha’ FCC/91 pts


Bring your prized plants for AOS Judging.  Symposiums are always well judged.  With AOS judges always willing to answer questions and allow observation you can learn how to best select and present your plants at their best.  We also offer our IPA Trophy for Best in Show Phalaenopsis.

Latest Hybrids

Rhynchonopsis Kdares Kitten
‘GH-046-S1’ AM/AOS 81 pts

IPA Symposiums always offer the chance to see cutting edge hybrids from around the world, presented by the most knowledgeable growers and hobbyist with many of the latest offered for sale.

Great Accommodations

The Hilton Garden Inn in Apopka is new, clean and one of the most comfortable accommadations making a perfect jumping off point for Symposium activities other central Florida pursuits.

Modern, clean and accommadating, the public lounge at the Apopka HGI is inviting and the perfect place to relax and get reconnected with old and new orchid friends.

National and International Speakers

A mix of international and national speakers from Academia, the Industry and knowledgeable experts in phalaenopsis always make the IPA Symposiums and events a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Peter Su, novelty phal breeder from Taiwan.  Keynote speaker at 2023, Sacramento IPA Symposium.

Orchid Shopping Extraordinaire

Central Florida is rich in major orchid growers and you can find some of the best prices, best quality and most novel orchids to add to your collection… and you get to select them off the sales benches.

Top quality phalaenopsis sales bench.  Always room for one more!

Top Notch Dinning Opportunities

From seafood, Italian to BBQ, Apopka offers a wide selection of delicious cuisine.  You’ll never leave hungry at an IPA event.

State-of-the-Art Hybrids

Breeders worldwide are producing new hybrids by the 100’s yearly.  Our Symposium is the best source of information to keep the phal enthusiasts current with state-of-the-art new crosses emerging

Phalaenopsis Fangmei Big Red Envelopes ‘Hong Lin Sweetie ‘Fangmei’ x Chian Xen Ruby ‘Hui-Sen Red Jewel”  AQ/AOS

Easy Access

North, South, East or West.  Apopka is a great cross roads city with excellent road and air connections.

Orlando International Airport

Palm Trees, Tropical Flowers and Sunsets

Nothing beats a beautiful day in Florida.  Unparalleled sunsets, balmy weather, palm trees and orchids, orchids, orchids.

Time With Orchid Friends

Spend quality face-to-face time with long time orchid friends and make new life-long orchid friends at our Symposium and events.

Symposium Events

Events and Speakers are being planned and as soon as details are finalized, we will send updates to our members.  If you’re not an IPA Member, please join so you don’t miss out on this exciting Symposium.

Publications, Publications and More

Become an active member and help grow the IPA. With our Symposiums, publications and Electronic quarterly journal, ‘Phalaenopsis’, you can continue your phal journey year round.

the International Phalaenopsis Alliance

Become a Member now and help the IPA to Grow.  You will receive Symposium updates as they are announced without waiting.  You will also receive our quarterly electronic journal, ‘Phalaenopsis’ as a members only  benefit.  To sweeten the deal, you will also gain access to all past issues of the journal to peruse at your leasure for education and enjoyment